Equitoria Hardwoods is the Brand of Ramin And Koto Agency , and Import and Export company based in Nairobi, Kenya and with its operations Kenya, Uganda, DR Congo , South Sudan and Zambia , over the last 10 years we specialize on the production of quality Equatorial African Lumber, tone-woods, veneers, flooring and  wood interior Products.
We export the timber overseas, all hardwoods are harvested legally with all permits and export documents available, cut and seasoned to customers specifications .We are committed to Environmental conservation and reforestation of indigenous African hardwood species in east and Central Africa .


               Sudan Teak (tectona grandis)                                                 Mahogany (Khaya spp)                                               Mvule / Iroko (Chlorophora excelsa )

FAS and FEQ grades, fresh cut .Ideal for interior and exterior doors and windows, flooring, decking and furniture


Ebony Gaboon -(Diospyros crassiflora)      Ebony(macassar) -Diospyros celebica      African Blackwood- (Dalbergia melanoxylon)

​Ideal for Guitar back and Sides, clarinet sets, Highland bagpipe sets ,fingerboards, Piano keys, blanks of different sizes

All our shipments are F.O.B / C.I.F ,  loading point KAMPALA Uganda, NAIROBI Kenya and MOMBASA Port KENYA.​

                                "During a storm you seek shelter under a tree and not the clouds."(African Proverb)